Our verbal reasoning papers cover:
Processing verbal information
Similarities and differences between words
Applying logical thinking and problem-solving skills
Identifying patterns
Demonstrating the understanding of the rules and meaning of language

What parents say

Great packs! Up to date format / layout wise
Won't find anything more authentic. Essential prep for the 11+ exams. Plenty of practice to familiarise with the real tests, can't recommend enough!
I like the format used and the level of challenge

Our practice papers

We offer practice papers in four specific areas: verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, English and maths, and there are three books (packs) available for each area as well as a bundle of all the books. Each book contains three question papers, answer sheets and guidance for parents. Please note, the different numbers on the books are simply for reference and do not indicate a difference in the level of difficulty between the books. 

11+ tests vary from area to area. If you don’t know what type of tests your admissions authority uses, you may find it helpful to check their website or contact them direct.